Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All the Umbrellas!

"All the umbrellas of London couldn't hide my love from you..." -The Stars (Great song!)

Today the sun was out and I didn't have to wear three layers of clothing...does this mean spring is coming?! Mondays are usually the day I'm "supposed" to hold my photo club meet up for the American Forces Spouses Club however most places in Korea are closed on Mondays. Soooo I change up the meetings from time to time so we can see an art gallery or something cool.

My friend ZAYDA told me about this amazing place near city hall that has a ton of umbrellas hanging from the sky! (Well from the building) When we turned the corner it took my breath away to see them all floating in the wind! For some reason I have this love for umbrellas. Maybe it's because I love the rain and to me, there is nothing like snuggling up on a rainy day and watch the rain drops drip down your window. The next best thing is to sneak a kiss under an umbrella in a rain storm. (Too sappy for you? Well I'm sappy and I hear my husband nodding his head in agreement...can you hear someone nod? Hmmm)

What does this have to do with Tuesday you ask? Well we were on our way to my favorite art gallery spot when we suddenly remembered we were near City Hall and simply had to check out the floating umbrellas.  I'm so happy we did. It seriously made my whole week!

Although todays photo meet up was small we still had a great time exploring! City Hall Exit 4
If you find yourself in Seoul Korea then make sure you check out the inside of the building as well. Thank you MARISA for coming out today!


Photo of me by the sweet Marisa of course! 

It was a little windy and they way the umbrellas moved about I thought was really neat:

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