Saturday, December 27, 2014

Salt Lake City Family Portrait Photographer: Borton Family

This is the very first home studio session I got to do in my new house! Still needing some work on the walls but for the most part it's going pretty good! Enjoy!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Salt Lake City Newborn Photographer: Newborn Barlow

This family invited me into their home to capture their newest addition, a sweet baby girl. I love seeing a family relax in their own home and be themselves. I really do love what I do!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Salt Lake City Family Portrait Photographer: Kepka/Traum Family

Well if ever there was a cold winter day this was it! But that didn't stop these guys from smiling anyway. This family stuck it out through the wind and the chill in the air. I hope your holidays are going great and that you have someone to cuddle with when it's cold outside. :) Enjoy!


HI GUYS! Anyone know where November went? Sorry I have been MIA on here... it's because we just MOVED! I'm SO excited and stressed and honestly a bit overwhelmed. We just got the internet up and running and that's a good thing so I can get you guys your photos! If you saw the inside of this house right now you would run away in horror. We have boxes up-to-here and SO much painting to do it's insane. My desk is up in my office but boxes and photo equipment are taking over the rest of the room. Everything has it's place and soon the house will be put together. YAY! It's now DECEMBER and I'm looking forward to all the holiday parties ahead.  Lots of posts soon to come! For now, check out the pictures my sister snapped of us. I think she did pretty good for not even knowing where to look in the camera when I handed her the thing. ;)