Friday, July 12, 2013

Emily Grace!

Emily is awesome. She asked if we could do a mini session of her for her photography page, she so pretty how could I possibly say no? :)  My apartment is now completely empty and so the place was ours to create a little photo studio. Thank GOODNESS the air conditioner is attached to the apartment otherwise we would have melted. (It's getting really HOT here in Korea.) I love hanging out with her, we laughed throughout the entire photo session.
THANK YOU Emily for being my very last photo session here in Korea. I always have an awesome time photographing her and her awesome family. You can check out their last sessions  HERE and HERE. Emily is also a photographer and you can check her out on Facebook HERE!!
Good luck Emily!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

McNeil Family!

Congrats to the McNeil Family for welcoming their beauitufl baby boy into this world! (I got to meet him today! So tiny and SO cute) I'm going to miss you guys! Thank you for being my last family portrait session here in Seoul! It was a perfect day and this family knows how to make me smile!