Sunday, June 30, 2013

Movin' movin'

We are officially packed up and camping in the spare bedroom on a  sleeping bag until tomorrow. I really loved living in Korea, especially in a sky rise! (The 30th floor wowza!) To me, we lived in the most perfect location. We were next to Samgakji station and that meant we could hop on the subway and go anywhere. Bus' were a plenty, and if I was feeling up to it, a taxi cab was a quick hand wave away. We could see the Seoul Tower from our window and watching the seasons change around the tower was something I will never forget. We are moving into a hotel for a couple of weeks and Keiichi has to go stay at a kitty hotel while we wait around to leave. It's calling for RAIN for the next two weeks as well... luckily the Mr. remembered to leave an umbrella for us. I have one more photo session planned and we are going to have it in my empty apartment. Bellow is my test shot to make sure the lighting work. I am going to miss this place!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Smith Family Again!

I'm now down to some of my last family sessions here in Korea. I'm so happy I got to hang out with the Smith family one more time. Their family flew in from Peru! (That's fun to say!) You can check out their last sessions  HERE.
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

"The Shot" Seoul, Korea

I have many people ask me about "The Silhouette shot" that I do here in Seoul. They tell me how they looked all over my blog to figure out how I do it and I always think "Just ask me!" haha!  For all of you guys who are either new or will be staying in Seoul for a while I will give you the details on just how I get this shot! It all started with me waiting for a family one afternoon  when I first moved to Korea over at the National Museum of Korea. I saw some people standing on the steps and thought it was a beautiful sight so I snapped this photo here:

I showed my friend and she actually gave me the idea that I should take this shot with families! The rest is history. I had someone ask me the other day if I photo shop Seoul Tower in. Nope! After the photo has been taken, I show the family right away so they know I didn't photo shop the tower in. :)

Below is a shot of me courtesy of my assistant that day Jenica. :D

These were all taken at the National Museum of Korea near the Exhibition Hall. You can take the subway to Ichon on line 4 and all you need to do is follow the signs for the museum. If you take the underground walk way you have air conditioning and a moving walkway.  It's good to go on a clear day otherwise the tower will be hidden. I would suggest a low ISO so you don't have any grain (Unless you like grain then crank it up baby!) You also want a sharp aperture and remember to make sure the Namsan Tower is in focus as well as your model.Try a having your model do a couple of different poses and remember to have fun!  Enjoy!

Oh and just be wary that a lot of people might be hanging around and watching you dance around on the steps. :) The earlier the better.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Raziel- Two weeks old!

Baby Raziel had just turned two weeks old when I went back for some more newborn photos of him. You can see his first moments of life HERE. Is it just me or is he getting cuter by the second? And those baby feet? I can't seem to get enough photos of those chubby toes! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Parker Family!

The Parker family invited me out to Namhansanseong Park up  to take their family portraits. This place is very special to them because they live in this area. Since it was early and in the morning not many people were around. (They told me on the weekends it gets mighty packed) It was a perfect day and I loved meeting the Parker family and hanging out in their neighborhood. I really must come back here and take more photos! No I'm not making that name up! You can either say that name three times fast OR click HERE for the tourist link. ;)

I couldn't' help but snap this photo. This cute little ajumma (older Korean lady) who was all smiles for baby Parker.