Saturday, June 15, 2013

"The Shot" Seoul, Korea

I have many people ask me about "The Silhouette shot" that I do here in Seoul. They tell me how they looked all over my blog to figure out how I do it and I always think "Just ask me!" haha!  For all of you guys who are either new or will be staying in Seoul for a while I will give you the details on just how I get this shot! It all started with me waiting for a family one afternoon  when I first moved to Korea over at the National Museum of Korea. I saw some people standing on the steps and thought it was a beautiful sight so I snapped this photo here:

I showed my friend and she actually gave me the idea that I should take this shot with families! The rest is history. I had someone ask me the other day if I photo shop Seoul Tower in. Nope! After the photo has been taken, I show the family right away so they know I didn't photo shop the tower in. :)

Below is a shot of me courtesy of my assistant that day Jenica. :D

These were all taken at the National Museum of Korea near the Exhibition Hall. You can take the subway to Ichon on line 4 and all you need to do is follow the signs for the museum. If you take the underground walk way you have air conditioning and a moving walkway.  It's good to go on a clear day otherwise the tower will be hidden. I would suggest a low ISO so you don't have any grain (Unless you like grain then crank it up baby!) You also want a sharp aperture and remember to make sure the Namsan Tower is in focus as well as your model.Try a having your model do a couple of different poses and remember to have fun!  Enjoy!

Oh and just be wary that a lot of people might be hanging around and watching you dance around on the steps. :) The earlier the better.

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