Saturday, July 30, 2011

Phuket, Thailand Day 4 Phi Phi Island

Imagine that just one week earlier there was so much rain here that no one could get out to see these beautiful islands. We got very lucky on this trip!  Our tour guide took us to visit the surrounding islands like Maya Beach where they filmed the movie The Beach, beautiful yes but VERY crowded and was actually my least favorite. So much beauty at every turn, this was everything a vacation should be, relaxing.
*Canon MarkII

Camel rock

There's a little monkey in the photo can you see him? It makes me sad there is also garbage on his island where no humans live. Most people bring bananas for these little guys... and their rubbish.

Viking Caves no longer available to the public

 I thought this leaf looked like a heart :)

 Apollo discovered this old leaf hanging out on the rock

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Phuket, Thailand Day 3

Slowly but surely I am going through all my Thailand photo's! Here are a few from our trip to Siam Safari. They taught us about rice, coconut, and rubber cultivation  They showed us a water buffalo demonstration but we decided to opt out of the ride... we did get to ride  ELEPHANTS and took a nice boat ride in the bay. The Elephant ride was...OK my favorite part was getting to feed them after :)
*Canon MarkII

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Phuket, Thailand Day 2

In Asia it was officially my B-day and Apollo took me on a day full of exploring Thailand!  We started our  day with a yummy breakfast at the hotel and then joined our tour guide. We were joined with a family from Australia and our first stop was a view of Phuket, Promthem Cape and a little shrine of Brahma,The Hindu God of creation, who is surrounded by hundreds of Elephants.

 They say  the sunsets here are amazing.

Try not to get to jealous  about where we went next...

You guys... they had shells from all over Asia here!

Next stop was Wat Chalong.  This place is big and beautiful, it's also the biggest Buddhist Temple in Phuket.

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