Friday, July 22, 2011

Phuket, Thailand Day 3

Slowly but surely I am going through all my Thailand photo's! Here are a few from our trip to Siam Safari. They taught us about rice, coconut, and rubber cultivation  They showed us a water buffalo demonstration but we decided to opt out of the ride... we did get to ride  ELEPHANTS and took a nice boat ride in the bay. The Elephant ride was...OK my favorite part was getting to feed them after :)
*Canon MarkII

<3 V


Thuytrang said...

The Vietnamese has something similar to those coconut pancakes, except they're made from a starch-y rice and is a savory dish. Are those savory or sweet? If it's coconut, I'm assuming sweet. Mmmm! Great pictures! I'm glad you hade an awesome adventure! <3

ells said...