Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mike & Lauren's Wedding!

My friends Mike and Lauren just got married and I decided to bring my camera along and snap off a few shots. I wish I took more however I was dancing most of the night! Enjoy!
*Canon MarkII

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Friday, April 3, 2009


My good friend Karmen. a fabulous clothing designer, got an opportunity to have one of her designs in a fashion show and was kind enough to ask me to snap off a few photos of her work. Wanting more experience I was more than happy to oblige:) After the show I asked the model, Monica L. Barba, if we could go take some more shots outside and she said yeah!! It was a little chilly but she said she's modeled in worse conditions. She was so cute and friendly I felt I'd known her forever. We had so much fun walking around. A few other friends joined us walking around downtown Escondido throwing out suggestions (thanks Julia for going outside in the first place) I really think I could get the hang of this. Also thanks guys for holding all my equipment :) Enjoy
*Canon Mark II

Model Monica L. Barbra and Dirty Karma Designs, Karmen Rodgers.

Seeing double? I decided to crop this one and show you guys how I'm really liking this look. It's a little vintage and I'm really inspired to try another shoot with this technique in the future. Remember those old Elvis movies? This is kind of looking that way to me...

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