Thursday, February 27, 2014

Salt Lake City Photographer: Ice Castles!

Okay so this post is a couple of weeks late but I took over 300 photos and it's hard to pick out my absolute favorites because this place is amazing! Ice Castles in Midway is about an hour give or take from Salt Lake City and luckily we chose a great day to go. We heard it gets pretty busy on the weekends so we went on a weekday and the crowds weren't too bad. I highly recommend going before sunset and return after the sun goes down, they give you a hand stamp so you can return and see the pretty lights. Another plus is they offer military discounts! YAY! Due to the warmer weather they have already closed the Midway location but I highly suggest you go next year! If you want to know more click HERE and you will go to their website. :)


 Don't forget to look UP!

 Trying to achieve a nice a star shot while you are shivering is a very hard task. I will try again next year and bring a tripod instead of a mono pod. ;)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Salt Lake City Portrait Photographer: Tueller Family!

Hi guys! I've been SO excited to get this beautiful family up on my blog. I'm so blessed to know people from all over that keep me connected to my military family. These guys are related to a good friend of mine that I met in Korea. I felt that I knew them already and when we first met I couldn't help but give a big hug instead of a handshake. :)  Right when we started our session it started to snow but we got through it with hugs and warm blankets. If you are in the military or know someone who is, let them know I offer a 20% discount for family portraits. :) ENJOY!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love Love Love!

I purchased these little cards a few months ago at Michaels Crafts and the the little charms on Etsy. I think they make for a perfect Valentine for a photo friend! I love this holiday!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Salt Lake City Portrait Photographer: Milo's Six Months!

Milo is already SIX months old! It's amazing how fast times goes by. His mom already told me she will have me do his one year session too! Can't wait to share those in six more months. :) I took advantage of Valentines Day being so close and added  a little banner. You can check out his last session HERE.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Park City Sundance!

Once again I have lived in Utah my entire life (minus the last 7 years) and I had never gone to see a movie for Sundance. Crazy I know I know. Now that we're back I'm seizing all the opportunities I took for granted. My dear friend Julia (who is from California actually), told me she was going up to Park City for the day and invited me to come. Even though we didn't have movie tickets we decided to go for the adventure of it all.  ENJOY!

Driving up the view is beautiful and you can see teeny tiny skiing people. Look close!

 Turns out even without a ticket, you get a ton of free stuff! Our first stop was grabbing a Veggie Burger, chips and a drink for FREE! MMMMM

With our belly's full and happy we didn't have to wait  in line too long we strolled over to "Sundance head quarters" and received a free water bottle, a really cool screen printed bag and you could also get more food! 

Walking around we didn't see many "famous" people but we did see ONE and that was the guy who played Bill from Freaks and Geeks. We didn't hang around long enough to say Hi because I just feel extremely nervous asking actors for a picture or autographs. (If you have never seen Freaks and Geeks I highly recommend it! I was so sad it was only one season.)

 Lots of photo ops and free coffee, hot chocolate even oatmeal!  So fun! Next year I'm for sure getting a ticket. Like totally. (My valley girl accent comes out when I hang out with people from California. Just kidding.)  :D