Thursday, February 27, 2014

Salt Lake City Photographer: Ice Castles!

Okay so this post is a couple of weeks late but I took over 300 photos and it's hard to pick out my absolute favorites because this place is amazing! Ice Castles in Midway is about an hour give or take from Salt Lake City and luckily we chose a great day to go. We heard it gets pretty busy on the weekends so we went on a weekday and the crowds weren't too bad. I highly recommend going before sunset and return after the sun goes down, they give you a hand stamp so you can return and see the pretty lights. Another plus is they offer military discounts! YAY! Due to the warmer weather they have already closed the Midway location but I highly suggest you go next year! If you want to know more click HERE and you will go to their website. :)


 Don't forget to look UP!

 Trying to achieve a nice a star shot while you are shivering is a very hard task. I will try again next year and bring a tripod instead of a mono pod. ;)


Tania said...

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing.

Victoria Dawn Burgamy said...

Thank you so much Tania! :)

The Dragonfly Whispers My Name said...

Absolutely stunning images, V! I love all of them!

Victoria Dawn Burgamy said...

Thank you Marisa!