Thursday, February 6, 2014

Park City Sundance!

Once again I have lived in Utah my entire life (minus the last 7 years) and I had never gone to see a movie for Sundance. Crazy I know I know. Now that we're back I'm seizing all the opportunities I took for granted. My dear friend Julia (who is from California actually), told me she was going up to Park City for the day and invited me to come. Even though we didn't have movie tickets we decided to go for the adventure of it all.  ENJOY!

Driving up the view is beautiful and you can see teeny tiny skiing people. Look close!

 Turns out even without a ticket, you get a ton of free stuff! Our first stop was grabbing a Veggie Burger, chips and a drink for FREE! MMMMM

With our belly's full and happy we didn't have to wait  in line too long we strolled over to "Sundance head quarters" and received a free water bottle, a really cool screen printed bag and you could also get more food! 

Walking around we didn't see many "famous" people but we did see ONE and that was the guy who played Bill from Freaks and Geeks. We didn't hang around long enough to say Hi because I just feel extremely nervous asking actors for a picture or autographs. (If you have never seen Freaks and Geeks I highly recommend it! I was so sad it was only one season.)

 Lots of photo ops and free coffee, hot chocolate even oatmeal!  So fun! Next year I'm for sure getting a ticket. Like totally. (My valley girl accent comes out when I hang out with people from California. Just kidding.)  :D 

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