Friday, July 12, 2013

Emily Grace!

Emily is awesome. She asked if we could do a mini session of her for her photography page, she so pretty how could I possibly say no? :)  My apartment is now completely empty and so the place was ours to create a little photo studio. Thank GOODNESS the air conditioner is attached to the apartment otherwise we would have melted. (It's getting really HOT here in Korea.) I love hanging out with her, we laughed throughout the entire photo session.
THANK YOU Emily for being my very last photo session here in Korea. I always have an awesome time photographing her and her awesome family. You can check out their last sessions  HERE and HERE. Emily is also a photographer and you can check her out on Facebook HERE!!
Good luck Emily!

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Lindsay Swoboda said...

You really captured her well for future clients, I am sure she is just as lovely in person, but these photos scream "hey, I'd love to have my picture taken by her! She's so friendly!!". Great job V;) As always!