Monday, March 11, 2013

26 Days Until 30!

Hi guys! Today was a tiny bit of a stressful day. It's only Monday and I feel like the week is jammed packed. It's jammed pack full of FUN so that's the plus side! :D To add more straw to this camels back I found out that my car battery is dead. (Same car I JUST had serviced!) I literally RAN onto post this morning as they were closing the gate. "ON YONG HA SEY YO! Please let me in!" Our apartment is very convenient to walk on and off post however the gate we live next to is only open at certain times. If only I hadn't forgotten something in my apartment I wouldn't of had to run like a mad woman. The gate guards thankfully let me through and my sweet friend helped me with a jump to get my car enough juice to take into the shop.  That's just my morning. How was your day? :)

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