Saturday, March 9, 2013

28 Days Until 30!

Facing my fears... to many of you out there this post might sound like this shouldn't be a fear. I agree, my husband agrees, all the moms who drive their kids to school everyday will also agree. I shouldn't have a fear of driving in Korea. I hear it's a lot like driving around New York City. My fear is that if I got in an accident here in SK I wouldn't know what to say to them in Korean!  AND no one follows the rules! People cut you off and don't use blinkers and I swear you have to become a mind reader while making sure the GPS is keeping you on your correct path.  I've gotten VERY good at giving the very sarcastic THUMBS UP to many a driver who decided to cut me off just so they can get in front of me at the very last second. Anyway, today I drove farther than I ever have AND I was a lone. We had to take the car in for maintenance  and my husband has been working around the clock and he couldn't go. So it was left up to me, my mission for today: Take the car in to get fixed... not a big deal in the states right people? My reasoning of fear is because before we moved across the sea we totally splurged and bought a new car. It's crazy how new car will make you extra scared of a car accident. I know I know I hear you saying, if you just walk the streets you can still get in an accident, being in a taxi or just sitting in a cafe. (Yes people drive into buildings here I'VE SEEN IT!) That being said here is a video clip of me getting ready to leave the car shop. I made it there and back... a Victoria tale...

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