Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hey Dancer!

It's great having friends who are talented in different art forms because for a photographer like myself, it can help you with your creativity. I strongly believe that in order to keep those creative juices going you need to keep looking at art. My dear friend Lindsay is talented at MANY things (Her blog located HERE for example one) and one of her passions in life is dancing! When I found that out I had to ask her to  be my muse for the day and she graciously said yes!  After working up a storm with all the family photo's I've been doing lately it was nice to have a change of pace. THANK YOU LINDSAY!!!!

For the last few shots of the night we wanted to get a more of am"Urban" feel...however the sun was fading fast and we only managed to get in a couple before we called it quits.
A little funny story: I carried a little ziplock bag of flour with me...it wasn't until after I pulled it out and realized how strange it would look if anyone saw us standing in this creepy back alley with a bag full of white powder... Maybe next time I should carry a bag that says FLOUR (Like in the cartoons! Get it? ...how they carry bags with big dollar signs... ahh never mind.)

Thank you to my friend Jenica for snaping these last couple of us behind the scene as I was getting THE shot of the silhouette and Seoul Tower. It was her idea to put the hands up too! I need to have an assistant more often!


Bob said...

Love your work Victoria ~ and of course ~ ♥ the model as well :)

Victoria Dawn Burgamy said...

Thank you SO much Bob!!!