Wednesday, January 2, 2013

366 Photo a Day Project!

Last year I decided to do the photo challenge of taking one photo a day. I said nothing about taking GOOD photo's just at least one photo. Somedays I would be in bed ready for dreamland and my husband would say "Did you take your photo of the day?" I would jump out of bed and scramble to take SOMETHING. Other days I would plan something out and I would feel much better in those results.  This was something that was challenging and I'm glad I suggested to my little photo club ( I run for the spouses club here) that they should all join in on the fun. Although I got only a few people to join me I still felt I needed to keep going and set a good example. ;P
I'm very sad to say I missed TWO days :( One was because I was literally sitting at my computer ALL day long working on photo's and didn't take one picture! The reason I missed the second time was because I was leaving Scotland and then got verrrryyy sick on the plane. I got back to Korea and fell asleep. LE SIGH Anyway I'm glad that I persevered  and finished in the end. Now for this next years challenge: Go one year without taking one single photo. JUST KIDDING.
For what it is,
P.S. I took two photo's of a Coke bottle on two different days. Crazy. I really don't drink Coke that often either.


Lindsay Swoboda said...

What an interesting year you had my love! I enjoyed all of your photos very, very much! This was a wonderful journey through your life in 2012, and I'm happy to make the cut on a few of those memories;) I am more proud of you than you can imagine and delighted to be part of your world...

ells said...

They all turned out so awesome!!