Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello Kitty Cafe!

Hello!!!! Once again we find a super cute girly cafe and not only is it pink it's HELLO KITTY!!! The atmosphere is full of hello kitty heaven. Even the bathroom mirrors were Hello Kitty!! To bad we didn't bring a boy with us we could have seen what the mens room looks like! haha Hello Kitty is really close to Cafe 1010 in Hongdae  (Hongik University exit 5 go uphill on the main alley with lots of shops It's kind of hidden). This was also a special occasion because it was Tammy's Birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMY!!! I made the girls wear pink so we could match the upholstery! haha
*Canon MarkII

<3 V


Patti Worley said...

well captured! my daughter and i just gush all over the place when we're there. so fun!

nikydoodle dandee said...