Friday, April 1, 2011

Ganghwa Island Post 1

We are very fortunate to have some friends here in Korea that know how to get to cool places like Ganghwa Island. They drove us to the dock then we had to take a ferry on the Hangang River to get to the island. The ferry was fun because you could feed the seagulls right out of your hand! From there we went to a Buddhist temple that had 300 steps to the top!  Before we started our climbs, cute little old ladies gave us some Korean treats. (I'm learning that when you have a small child with you people will give you free stuff all the time!) When we were done with our hike we came back down and purchased some candy and the cute ladies  gave me permission to take a few photos. They asked if they were going to be famous in America haha.
*Canon MarkII

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ells said...

That place looks awesome. Love the new pics!!!!

DecemberDaisy said...

Fascinating! I almost feel like I'm there...almost!