Monday, April 2, 2012

Cafe Drama Dress & Coffee!

It's time for another "Themed Cafe" Post! Remember the Princess Diary Dress Cafe? Well this one is very similar and it it's LOADS more DRAMATIC! Today I take you to the Cafe Drama Dress & Coffee!!!! I've been so excited to go see this ever since I found out about it. My niece came out for a visit and she LOVES Korean dramas so of course I had to bring her along for the fun.  Going with a group would be lots of fun if everyone dressed up. We had some friends come along but it turns out the place was a little on the pricey side. I figured what the heck! I won't get a chance to do this again so I opted for the cheapest dress there... 30,000 won (Little less than $30.00) YIKES!
Ehwa Womens University Exit 2
Turn left at the Mini Stop
First right after you pass the Salon with a huge bunny in the doorway. MASH is on the corner.
Turn left at the It Girl alley( there is also a Hostel) and the cafe is on the right.


When you walk in you feel like you are walking onto a movie set.

When you sit down you can look for a dress you would like to wear while you enjoy some tea or coffee of your choice.
Dress prices range from 30,000-700,00 WON! YIKES!

They call you in when it's your turn and you walk into a closet FULL of dress up clothes! The little kid inside me was bursting with joy! I loved dressing up as a little girl XD

If you don't have a camera there is a professional photographer there on standby! 

We had so much fun dressing up! Another foreigner came in to play dress up as well and I asked him if we could take some photo's with him. :)

Thank you Micaela and Gill for snapping some photo's of me! Check out more photo's from Micaela HERE and HERE

<3 V

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