Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Day of V day and you can find me in a WEDDING/ PRINCESS CAFE??!?!

Well nothing says love like a wedding so here I go with my first count down to Valentines Day with a post from Princess Diary Dress Cafe! Oh yes that's what I said. I got together with some girlfriends today and went to the most girly cafe ever! Pink on every wall?  check. Pretty tea mugs? check. Wedding dresses to try on and play dress up? CHECK! Today was a lot of fun. And for 5,000-30,000 won ($5-$30)you can try on a dress and take pictures. WHY? Because its FUN!!!If you find yourself near Ehwa Womens University and have the hankering to try on a wedding dress and drink tea this is how you get there!
Exit 1 (Ehwa University subway) cross the street, go left (toward the University) walk until you find the alley next to ABLE+  in that alley on the right, you will see the cafe! (3rd floor I believe)
*Canon MarkII

I chose the 10,000 won dress.

It felt like we were in a doll house :)

The timer was to tell us when to drink!


There were couples in there being SUPER cute and giggly. They even asked us to be in a few of their pictures haha

They also had the modern day Korean Wedding dresses to choose from.
<3 V


michele said...

what a cool place! love the colors in these images!

Julia Gulia said...


Adelaide said...

This place is freakin' AMAZING! I want to be there with you. That is a perfect Addie spot, wouldn't you say?

Kristin said...

Holy freaking awesome! That is the coolest place I've ever seen! The first shot of you is AMAZING Vicky!

Victoria Dawn Burgamy said...

Thank you Kristin!!! Addie, I had the best Tea there!!!

Christina said...

This is awesome. The post, the pics, the cafe....Awesome.