Thursday, March 15, 2012

Water Cat

Good day everyone! I'm starting to catch up on my personal photo's and hopefully that will mean more Themed Cafe's and the rest of Thailand! Where does the time go? This post is devoted once again to that lovable cat of mine Keiichi. I think it's hilarious that every time I get in the shower Keiichi is right there asking for me to get out so he can jump in! The second the water is off and that door is open he runs into the corner and stands behind the door. His favorite thing to do is watch the water droplets run down the window. We learned that we have to keep the shower door open now because if he wants in, he WILL get in and then the door closes behind him! Once we left for luckily a short time to find him trapped in the bathroom :SIGH: gotta love that Keiichi cat he's a rascal but that's why we love him! In anticipation he was going to run in after me I had my camera at the ready.

<3 V

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