Thursday, January 23, 2014

Utah Winter: Snowshoeing

I was born and raised in good ol’ Utah. I have to admit that I took its beautiful outdoor winter adventures for granted. I never liked the cold therefore I never liked the winter season. I liked to look at the snow but I didn’t like to be out in the snow. We moved to Florida then after that we moved to sunny San Diego. I  actually started to miss seeing snow on the ground. All that changed when we moved to Korea where it was COLD and it snowed. But it was way too cold for me. The snow seemed to instantly turn into ice and no one believed in putting salt on the sidewalks. Now we are back in Utah and it's perfect! The snow is a lovely white powder making the Wasatch Mountains even more majestic.  A weekend or two ago my sister invited me out to go snowshoeing with my niece and herself. I have never been and it was SO much fun! It was also a great work out. :) I kept stopping in awe at just how beautiful my home really is. The Mr. already has his own set of snowshoes and has been trying to get me try this winter sport. Now of course I want my own pair so we can have more snow adventures! 


And a few from my iPhone :)

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