Monday, January 13, 2014

Salt Lake City Portrait Photographer: Danny and Katie again!

The world's cutest couple asked me to take some portraits while they were in town. (They are big city folk now.) They brought along the newest addition to their family, Joanie, their Great Dane. I'll tell you guys it's true I'm more of a cat person. I do like dogs don't get me wrong; I'm just not a fan of their licking. When I met Joanie I fell head over heals! She's the best dog ever!! She doesn't lick first of all and she's SO sweet! We had a great time laughing and trying to get Joanie to do what we asked. I've known Danny since High School and I'm so happy to see these guys whenever they are in town. You can see a photo I took years ago when they were still dating ^_^ HERE.
Hope you guys are all having a fantastic day!


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