Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Grace Family! Again!

Good morning everyone! The Grace family is back and this time this photo session is a surprise for dad! I couldn't have wished for a better morning for them. The weather was perfect the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and practically no one was at the Yongsan Family park that morning... That is, until a school bus of teenage girls showed up and I felt like we had a little Justin Bieber on our hands. These girls followed us to every spot and each one asked with a giggle if they could take a picture with "Baby." The Grace family (now  used to this) didn't mind. Plus it made for some fun shots they can look back on when they are back in the states. You can check out their last family session HERE and HERE.

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Unknown said...

Love these!!!
I love how he is being chased by the pack of teenagers. What an awesome memory you captured for them! Great job as usual, love.