Friday, April 5, 2013


This is it! My last video! In the states it is still April 4th however over here in South East Asia I'm officially 30! I'm not sure if the Khmer people start counting your birth once you are in the womb like the Korean people do. (Korean age I am 31...) Today we started off the day by learning how to meditate by being int he moment, focusing, breathing. In the evening we went and watched a traditional dance performance. I highly recommend spending a birthday in a different land with great friends and loved ones traveling with you. Today was GREAT! Thank you! Enjoy!

Once again, thank you to Apollo for not only getting video but also surprising me with a beautiful and delicious cherry chocolate cake! A family from Japan came over and took my picture too. ;) Oh and thank you to my two friends who told me they were watching this blog and traveling along my last 30 day journey with me. :D

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