Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lazy Cat Cafe!

My husband and I came across this super cute cafe through another blog appropriately named Cute in Korea. (Check her out for more themed cafes too!) It's no secret we are cat people and I love checking out themed cafes here so off we went. Getting there was a bit tricky however if you follow the directions you should find it without any trouble. The owners are super nice and their pet cat Tow Gee hangs out with them in the cafe. The artist/owener  says Tow Gee is the model for the theme and she has lots of fun merchandise for sale with the cafe's design on it.  I only used my iphone for taking pictures... I brought along my big camera but... I guess I got lazy. After we left we walked by another intriguing cafe called Blue Fairy... I'll share that post with you next time! Two cafes in one day?! Why not?

Cherry coke you say? Yes please! I haven't had a cherry coke since I was a kid!

Lots of cute notebooks around encouraging you to join in on the drawing fun!

Tow Gee! He looks scary but I promise you he isn't! He just demands a snack after being woken up.

We purchased some mugs and on our way out the door we told the owner how we found them through a blog and how I was inspired to blog about their cafe as well. She was so excited she gave us some hand warmers and an adorable note book! So nice!!!


Hapjeong exit 3
Turn right at North Face 2nd road Jandari-ro 3 an-gip Pass 711 on the right. 
You will see Starbucks and pass Sweet Roll and Casual Bar. When you see Belle Bar on the left, turn down the right street. Lazy Cat is accross from Acove Store.

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