Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Lock Up Restaurant- Tokyo!

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Halloween! Last year in Seoul nobody wanted to go out on the town and I was very disappointed. My friends back home share my LOVE of Halloween and I  have been going through withdrawals of "themed parties" and dressing up. I was so sad that I vowed that next year I would go to Tokyo and do Halloween with  my kind of people. I literally booked our hotel one year in advance!  My friend Lara lives in Japan and loves to dress up too! She told us how awesome Halloween is in Tokyo  and that when she dresses up, she goes ALL out.  We decided  to arrive in Tokyo a few days before Halloween and that  meant we got to dress up every night! Tonight we went to a restaurant called " The Lock Up" in Shibuya. Everything is prison themed. You are actually locked in a cell and all the servers are dressed as cops. Every once in a while there is a jail break and hideous monsters escapes and the sirens go off. Don't worry they are captured again and handcuffed before they make it into your cell.

The food and drinks are also themed. It's not cheap but it's all about the experience. Check it out!

33-1 Udagawa-cho
Tel +81 (03) 5728-7731
Good idea to bring along someone who speaks Japanese. 

Lara as Navy Gaga! So cool!

I was punk of some sort and Apollo was Lupin!

 Inside the restaurant felt kind of like a haunted house.

When they come to tell you your table is ready, they handcuff someone from your group. 

We sat at a very low table and check out the door! 

Gummy Frogs!

Shots in pill form.

As you can see, the beer here is very small...

The video below is us walking to our table.

You can't see much in this next video but you can hear the prisoners escaping and being captured again.

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