Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Micaela and Ian!

Yay! I'm SO happy to finally post these pics of Micaela and Ian. Mic is a good friend of mine and fellow photographer. You can check out her work  HERE and HERE. We planned doing a "couples" photo shoot months and months ago...and by months I mean a year...or two...where did the time go? Now that they are moving *Sad face*we decided we better get a move on this photo shoot before it's too late! We had lots of fun strolling the quaint streets around Insadong, we took turns posing and shooting. The first time Micaela and I walked these streets on a "photo outing" we promised ourselves we would come back and do a photo shoot with our husbands. Looking at these now I'm happy that we waited to take these photo's and that's because if you look veryyyyy closely, you can see a little bump! Pssst! There is a baby growing in there!  YAYAYA I couldn't be MORE happier for them! Congrats guys! 

My husband snapped this one above I LOVE IT!

Group photo iPhone style! Yay for friends!!

<3 V


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