Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cafe Puzzle!

Good afternoon everyone! :) I really have been behind on my personal photo's but I promised myself I would try to get a bit more organized and share my fun experiences as well as my fun photo shoots. Here's to getting organized! ^_^ Last February (and one of the coldest day's of my life!) My cafe hunter/photo friend Micaela and I went on the hunt for a Puzzle Cafe in Hongdae that another friend of mine told me about. Once you walk inside you simply follow the puzzle pieces up the stairs! May I also add that Bambino cuisine Pizza Pasta is also delish! We went their for lunch while we waited for the cafe to open. mmmm
Directions to Cafe Puzzle: Hongik Sation exit 9
Turn left and walk straight past Man Studio across from Bacio Baci. Cafe Puzzle is located on the 3rd floor.

After you order your drink of choice you get a puzzle matt  once you choose the puzzle you would like to put together. They have puzzles for purchase that you can leave in a little storage rack and come back another day.

Finished! Where did that last piece go???

<3 V

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