Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mustoy Cafe!

My friends and I were found lurking outside the windows of Mustoy in Hongdae a few days ago and the sweetest lady, Alisa,  asked us to come in and take pictures! This is an awesome art cafe where you can either purchase your Mustoy doll and color it and keep it forever (W15000), or you can paint one for W5000 and leave it there for others to enjoy.
On one wall they have true Artist Mustoy doll's that are freaking AMAZING. On the other wall she called them "regular people." I made reservations for Friday (Also Micaela's B-day party day) We each colored a doll and enjoyed a beverage. Alisa wasn't scheduled to work but came in anyway just to say hi to us. We felt very welcome and had an awesome time. I bought mine and took it home.

Directions: Take Hongik University Exit 9 go left.  Turn right at the last road. Go up the hill stay to the left and Mustoy is right before the top of the hill. (You don't need to make reservations, it's only a good idea if you are taking a large group.)
*Canon MarkII

 You get a practice template before you begin.

 So amazing!

 This one is mine, back and front :)

The owner had pictures with him and famous people so we had to get one with him too!

<3 V


ells said...

Those are SO awesome.

Thuytrang said...

COOL!! the 14th picture, the two on the left are characters from the Kdrama Mischievous Kiss/Fist Kiss! CUTE! I was like... Those two look familiar and then I saw the picture behind it. LOL

Jessica Kok said...

Do you know if you need a reservation. I called and couldn't quite make out what the man was saying.

Victoria Dawn Burgamy said...

Hi Jessica! It is better to make a reservation for bigger groups. If you have a small group of one or two they will probably let you come in. :) Good luck!