Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Umbrella day!

Three year olds, if I may say, can be rather hard to photograph! However they WILL always make you laugh. You don't tell a three year old what to do, instead you let them be themselves you play some games and if you're lucky... you can get a great smile. I had lots of fun getting to hang out with my niece. It's been a while since we got to hang out and someday she's going to look at my face and have no idea who I am unless I pull my camera out. She pretty much called all the shots
"Now lets do a silly face Aunt Vicky" you'll see it. Enjoy!
*Canon MarkII


<3 V


DecemberDaisy said...

Oh dear Gawd, I love thee Jada, you have really captured her! BTW, we don't get her if Mark and Kathy decide to take a dirt nap. She's going with her Nana~ What eva!

Victoria Dawn Burgamy said...

Thanks Becky! I miss you guys! At least they won't be gone for to long ;)