Friday, January 23, 2015

Salt Lake City Photographer: L + K = Engaged!

I'm SO happy to announce that Utah now recognizes marriage for all. LOVE=LOVE I'm a big fan of love and I couldn't be happier for all my friends who are about to tie the knot. I don't usually say yes when people ask me if I do wedding photography, but for these friends I made an exception. I've known Lala for quite a few years now, and I'm over the moon excited for her to be getting married to her love, Kylee. Every time we all hang out my side always hurts from laughing so hard. They are a perfect couple and I see them having a long and happy marriage together. We shot these photos just minutes away from where I live. It was the perfect day with blue skies and just a touch of snow starting to fall. *Wedding photos coming soon!

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Zayda Barros said...

These are SO beautiful, V! I can't wait for you to do ours! <3