Thursday, September 26, 2013

Throw back Thursday: Namdaemun Flower Market

Ok so saying I'm behind on blog posts and uploading photos from Korea is an understatement. I got way in over my head with my photo taking. I decided instead of being frustrated and making myself feel overwhelmed I would instead wait until we moved from Korea then work on the last three years... There's a good side and a down side to this: the good side is I can relive each moment and laugh at the fun times. The down side? My memory might be a bit rusty of exact details... Anyway no better day to start than today right? Throw back THURSDAY (TBT)is going to be my new attempt at digging out of the photos I need to print and post. Wish me luck ;)

This first  TBT is something that I miss about Korea. I  miss going to the flower market with my good friend MARISA. For some reason it felt like every time I either had to go pick up prints or go to the flower market it was always RAINING. If you postponed your errands due to rain then you could be missing out weeks of getting stuff done. Marisa and I would  grab a cute umbrella and dash through the puddles up the stairs to the crowded market where the scent of thousands of flowers would great our noses.  Marisa ALWAYS brought home more flowers than me, she's a master flower arranger and would come up with some cute displays that I always admired. Here's one of our flower market days in the rain. (Preparing for a photo session that I will post next!)

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The Dragonfly Whispers My Name said...

You are making me cry! I miss you soooooo much! Looking forward for more TBT from you! Love you!