Monday, May 14, 2012

Carrie Jo!

Yay! I couldn't post this one right away because Carrie Jo was waiting to surprise her husband with some beautiful portraits of just herself. We could't have picked a nicer more beautiful day!  Carrie Jo is one of the nicest most kind hearted people I have ever met! She joined my little photo club I have going here  for the spouses club and from the first day we met I knew we were going to be great friends! Carrie Jo has a big heart and hanging around her you would never guess her age. "Hey Victoria let's go ask that guard if we can pose with him! And when we do let's pretend he is taking us away!" or "Hey see those motorcycles? Hop on and I'll take your photo!" hahaha I love you Carrie Jo!!! My heart grows heavy now because I am surely going to miss your fun loving spirit! Good luck and safe travels. I can't wait to see your beautiful photography grow even more!

<3 V

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