Sunday, November 6, 2011

Owl Museum!

Ok so this isn't a cafe, however it is THEMED and we got to drink some tea so I figure it works for a "Themed Cafe" post!  As you walk up to the building you tell right away you are in the right place, owls on the signs and owls painted on the walls! A very sweet lady runs the museum and she has been collecting owls since grade school. I wore an old owl necklace and she giggled with glee at the site of it! We were only allowed to take photo's in certain areas. It was pouring rain outside and this was a nice way to come in from the storm. The building itself is just one room however it's full to the brim of (you guessed it) OWLS!  5,000KRW to go in and take a look plus you get to sit and admire with a cup of tea! Anguk Station exit 2 (more info here at Korean Tourism Site)
*Canon MarkII

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