Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Emma's getting married!!!

One of my very dear friends Emma just got married in her back yard, not just any back yard,  her grandma's and great grandma's. Her house has stayed in the family for years and years and her whole family got together to make sure her yard would be ready and beautiful. CONGRATS MY FRIEND!! I LOVE YOU!
*Canon MarkII

<3 V


ells said...

Emma looked BEAUTIFUL. Congrats again. Pretty pictures Vic!

Megan said...

So pretty! I love these! They're very classy =)

DecemberDaisy said...

Gorgeous Bride! I love how you captured her in her element with her darling pets, very eclectic and simple antique beauty. Congrats Emma!

Addie said...

My sister is beautiful, my dogs are cute and my bestest friend is a fabulous photographer who also happens to be beautiful and cute. What a winning combination.

I love you Vicky!