Friday, August 12, 2011

Michael Turns One!

This Birthday party was really something special.  While I was taking pictures of the cute decor (an animal themed party! So cute!) I noticed that the gift table had a lot of food on it... Michael's mom told me that instead of gifts they asked that everyone bring something to donate to the local Korean shelter. (For children with special needs, Bunell Home.)  How awesome is that? She said Michael will be getting a lot of gifts anyway, and since he's only one, most of the gifts could be turned into something to benefit someone else. The shelter here isn't government run and they need all the help they can get. I was so touched by this that I decided someday when I have a child of my own I will continue the tradiotion. They said they also did the same thing for their first son when he turned one and donated to the local food bank. That's great, teach your children young to be giving and maybe this world will be a better place tomorrow. :)
*Canon MarkII

In honor of living in Korea, they dressed the Birthday Boy up in traditional dress dol-bok.

 The item the baby picks is what is future is supposed to turn out to be. He chose the brush, as legend has it, he will grow up to be a good scholar. :)

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Jasmine said...

That donation thing is a great idea!